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April 22, 2016

Recent: America "Lost & Found", a 10 song collection of previously un-released studio tracks. Serving as archivist and Executive Producer, this set was compilied roughly from mixes between 2000-2011. The CD and download are out now on Amazon, iTunes, etc. (click on cover) - The Vinyl edition was released in April 2016 and is available at America concerts and their website. Lost & Found includes some great material written by, sung by, and recorded by Gerry and Dewey.

Solo Releases: Vivid Sound Corp in Japan released a 19 track Best of Jeff Larson and re-issue 2014's Close Circle - Expanded Edition on September 9th, 2015. 2016 hopes to see the expanded and fully remastered version of Heart of the Valley with 5 bonus tracks, critic essay, session pics, lyrics, and all new graphic design.

Read the interview with Fishman Electronics for more on the new release and other activity.

Close Circle was released on July 22, 2014 on both CD and download. Available from and others. Click the icon. Produced by Jeff Pevar, Jeff Larson, and Hank Linderman. Guests Gerry Beckey - Dewey Bunnell (America), Randell Kirsch, Jeffrey Foskett, Jeddrah, Dave Nachmanoff, others. 10 new songs, plus 1 bonus.

Listen to samples of the music on SoundCloud... including releases, radio, unreleased alternate mixes.   Click Here to read the 2013 feature in "Hittin The Note" Magazine.

The digital download EP titled "Leaves" was released in July 2013. This release features 6 unreleased songs: Good Good Morning, Frontier Village, Postcard From Here, World I'm In, Satellite Sky, and If Wishes Were Horses. Click here to order.

In Studio and Live

Continued work on a new Gerry Beckley solo release for 2016, America Archives Vol 2, Laurel Canyon / Henry Diltz documentary tracking, misc. recording with Jeffrey Foskett and others. No new solo released in planned at this time, but that may change.

Live: Please visit the Itinerary for current live appearances.   For booking or general inquiries, please email us.

Not so distant past...

Project: The World Over (2012) Produced by Hank Linderman and Jeff Larson with guests Dewey Bunnell, Gerry Beckley (America), Jeddrah, Jeff Foskett, and others. Available now!   Here is some recent press:   The Times Leader, Americana UK, Fatea, Wood & Steel (Taylor), Mercury News, InTune, San Diego Troubadour, Maverick Magazine UK

NOTE: This release is now out of "print" in CD form as is 2008's Left Of A Dream. What is currently at distributors is all there is. Both will continue to be available as digital downloads.

The song Approaching Midnight from the The World Over is featured on San Francisco's KFOG Local Scene Vol 9 release - 2012. Proceeds to support Music In Schools Today. Click Here to order.

California Groove Box (Warner/Rhino) The track "A Faraway Girl" (from 2007's Swimming in the Make Believe) appears on the Warner Music / Rhino France box set "California Groove" released July 26, 2011.

Project: Heart Of The Valley: 2009 studio release written and produced by Gerry Beckley.  Click here for the feature in the Jan/Feb 2010 "M" Music & Musicians magazine.

"Larson devotes himself to interpreting a set of new songs from Beckley, giving them richly sensitive readings that evoke America's heyday while still sounding contemporary and faithful to Larson's own work. It's a tricky move but it's performed with considerable grace here, largely because everybody involved plays with a light, easy touch that brings out Beckley's rich melodicism. What Larson winds up with is a record that feels classically Californian in its spirit and sound, yet its appeal extends far beyond the West Coast as its sweet, mellow tunes have an appeal that transcends geography or even time, as this winds up straddling the past and present quite fetchingly" - ALL MUSIC GUIDE

The album features 11 new songs produced by Gerry Beckley (America) with guests Dewey (Bunnell), Rusty Young, Rich Campbell, Hank Linderman, Jeff Foskett and others. Available on CD, iTunes and other download sites. CLICK HERE for Henry Diltz project photos.