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Close Circle (2014) NCompass

The World Over (2012) Red Bell
House Concert - Live (2011) Red Bell
Heart Of The Valley (2009) Human Nature
Left Of A Dream (2008) Red Bell / Jeff Larson Music *
New Antiques (2007) Red Bell
Swimming In The Make Believe (2006) JVC Japan
Two Part Confessional EP (2005) Jeff Larson Music
Sepia (2004) JVC Japan
Fragile Sunrise (2002) JVC Japan / Magic Records France
The Complete Works 1998-2001 (2001) Magic Records / Universal Music France
Room For Summer (2000) New Surf North *
Watercolor Sky (1998) New Surf Limited *

KFOG Local Scene 9 (2012) KFOG (Track: Approaching Midnight)
California Groove III (2011) Warner Music / Rhino France (Track: A Faraway Girl)
KFOG Local Scene 6 (2009) KFOG (Track: Ghosts Of San Miguel)
Music From Home (2010) Hemifran Sweden (Track: This Morning In Amsterdam)
Ultimate Best of Breeze (JVC Japan 2007) (Track: Halfmoon Bay)
Easy To Be Free / Rick Nelson Tribute / (2006) Planting Seeds (Track: Legacy)
Five Way Street / Buffalo Springfield Tribute (2006) Not Lame (Track: Questions)
Breeze - Sweet (2002) JVC Japan - Track: Halfmoon Bay
Breeze - Cool Summer (2003) JVC Japan -Track: Place Where I Belong
Breeze - City (2004) JVC Japan - Track: Hazy Sunshine

* CD out of print (Download may be available)