Current Projects (Spring 2019):

Due to the studio activity of the last few years - engineering, mixing, producing, etc., it may seem like the emphasis is on re-issues, but there is a new solo album in the works - likely 2020. New songs will also appear on various collaborations in 2019.  I am the archivist for the band America - with the 50th Anniversary underway, the focus is mainly in that area for the present. Some great stuff coming out.

  • America - EMI/Caroline “The Capitol Years” (Capital Albums released as a box set - remastering) with detailed booklet, 4 mono bonus tracks of singles. Due May 24, 2019. Role: Compiled

  • America - New Rhino box set (50 tracks), New Greatest Hits single disc, New 2-LP (Vinyl) set of 24 tracks from the box set - Summer 2019. Some unreleased alternates and demos in the mix of known and Remastered tracks. Role: Compiled, Sequenced, Tape Transfers. Details TBA from Rhino

  • America - Misc re-issues (Live in Central Park 1979, Archives Vol 1, Lost & Found, Archival Box - 5 CD set, all in the works along with several misc single re-issues I cannot discuss, but well into 2020. Role: Compiled, Edited, etc. Details TBA

  • America - Omnivore Heritage Vol. II (Years 1974 - 1976) - CD in late Fall - Vinyl 2020. Role: Mixed, Compiled. Details TBA

  • Co-Produced, Backing vocals on the new Gerry Beckley solo album, “Five Mile Road”. Includes GB versions of HOTV songs and plenty of brand news ones in the mix. Strong effort. Due in 2019 on CD and Vinyl on Blue Elan.

  • Compiled and Edited a Gerry Beckley Instrumental Album - Release Date TBA

  • Recording / Producing - Jeffrey Foskett solo compilation of “Love Songs” for Vivid Sound, Japan. Also a 40 song Anthology with several unreleased and new recordings.

  • New Release: Jeff & Jeddrah album titled “New Moon” on Vivid Sound due late Fall 2019 with Japan tour to follow - More TBA (Completed, Mastered, pending release)

Recent / Past Projects:

  • January 2019 - A 20 year collaboration released- John Blakeley & Jeff Larson, "Yesterday's Dream"

  • November 24, 2018 re-issue "Five Hours to L.A." (Room for Summer Revisited) - Vivid Sound (Japan only) with additional tracks and new liner notes, graphics

  • Record Store Day - Nov 23, 2018 (Black Friday) America “Heritage” / “Highlights”

  • November 2018 - Jeffrey Foskett & Jeff Larson "Elua Aloha" release on "electric blue" transparent Vinyl

  • Recording Sessions / Engineering for Roy Orbison Vol. 2 - Released November 16, 2018: “Unchained Melodies” with the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra - UK GOLD Album!

  • Recording Sessions / Engineering - Released November 16, 2018: “True Love Ways” with the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra - UK GOLD Album!

  • May 23 (Japan) / June 12- Jeffrey Foskett & Jeff Larson "Elua Aloha" released on Vivid Sound - Japan. U.S. and everywhere else, mid-June 2018.

  • June 22 - Warner Music "California Groove IV" - 6 CD box set out of France. Featuring my "You Remind Me of the Sun" (Jeffrey Foskett & Jeff Larson "Elua Aloha" version) and "Rain Soaked Cloud", a new remix with Gerry Beckley and Dewey Bunnell of America.

  • June 20 - Aya Nakano - Proud Mary track - Credit: DJ - spoken word

  • Record Store Day is April 21, 2018. In Japan featured two 45 single releases I produced of Jeffrey Foskett covering Tatsurō Yamashita songs. These releases also provide hints into other activity on the "b side". Last year it was the Tatsuro song "Jody" with my “You Remind Me of the Sun" which was well received. This year is as follows: "Only With You" / b side: "Feeling Just The Way I Do" (Foskett-Larson cover song featuring Henry Kapono on green transparent vinyl) / "Love Can Go The Distance" / b side: "True Love Ways" (Jeffrey's beautiful cover of this Buddy Holly's classic on purple transparent vinyl)

  • Artist: Beach Boys - Engineering, Editing for "with the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra" (Note: Geoff Larsen)

  • Artist: America Title: Heritage "Home Recordings and Demos (Omnivore) Year: 2017 / Role: Editing, Mixing, Compiled by Jeff Larson

  • Artist: Gerry Beckley Title: Carousel (Blue Elan) Year: 2016 / Role: Backing Vocals, Editing, Mixing, Executive Producer = Jeff Larson

  • Artist: Various Title: The Accidental Photographer Year: TBA / Role: Songwriter (9 tracks), Artist, production = Jeff Larson

  • Artist: America Title: Lost & Found Year: 2015 / Role: Editing, Executive Producer, Compiled by Jeff Larson

  • Artist: America Title: Archives Vol. 1 Year: 2015 / Role: Editing, Executive Producer, Compiled by Jeff Larson