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Borrowing some of what was best of the L.A. singer-songwriter scene, Jeff Larson's new album Heart Of The Valley--produced by America's Gerry Beckley--doesn't try to change what made popster Jeff Larson popular, but emphasizes his artistic side with catchy songs and Valley-meets-Laurel Canyon sensibilities. Start Here: "Minus Marci," "Heart Of The Valley" and "One Lit Window" -- Huffington Post

The cover shot of the 101 creeping through the San Fernando Valley is a visual indication of the sunkissed Southern Californian soft-rock on Jeff Larson's Heart of the Valley. Larson achieves that vibe with the assistance of Gerry Beckley, one of the architects of the sound during his days with America. Heart of the Valley isn't a strict collaboration and it's something of a departure for singer/songwriter Larson, who usually pens his own material. Here, Larson devotes himself to interpreting a set of new songs from Beckley, giving them richly sensitive readings that evoke America's 70's heyday while still sounding contemporary and faithful to Larson's own work. It's a tricky move but it's performed with considerable grace here, largely because everybody involved plays with a light, easy touch that brings out Beckley's rich melodicism. What Larson winds up with is a record that feels classically Californian in its spirit and sound, yet its appeal extends far beyond the West Coast as its sweet, mellow tunes have an appeal that transcends geography or even time, as this winds up straddling the past and present quite fetchingly. -- Stephen Thomas Erlewine,  All Music Guide

"Larson obviously has a lot on his mind, and he's able to express it in literate, lyrical ways that require repeated listening." -- Performing Songwriter